Clear, clean, chemical-free water for less than 5p per gallon!!!
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Welcome to the future - water like it used to be.
Everyone has the right to drink and bathe in pure, clean, chemical-free water, and now is your chance to give your family the best water available
A Healthier, Fresher Future for you and your family
A scene from our office windows Our Product & Services
The Waterworks is a Registered Distributor for Silverline UK Limited - world leaders in the design and manufacture of domestic and commercial water filtration systems
Our offices are situated in the County of Down overlooking the majestic Mountains of Mourne. We cover the Island of Ireland
Water is the stuff of which biological life itself is made. But whilst it gives and sustains life, water is also ironically the most devastating carrier of disease and death known to mankind. With all the chemicals and foreign noxious substances which are now a part of our industrialised planet, water acts like a liquid sponge. It soaks up the chemicals - absorbs them, and carries them along with it. Water companies are doing their best to treat domestic supplies, but drinking and cooking water accounts for less than 1% of all usage.